Restricted Substance Evaluation

     Ensuring Your Textiles, Apparel And Footwear Are Free Of Hazardous Chemicals Before Production Begins.

     Premier Testing Services India Helps To Evaluate The Restricted Substances In Textiles, Apparel And Footwear Brands And Manufacturers To Detect The Presence Of Common Restricted Substances In Raw Materials During The Early Stages Of Manufacturing. This Evaluation Includes Commonly Found Hazardous Substances As Outlined In Legislation Including Substances Of Very High Concern Identified By EU’s REACH Regulation, Including Flame Retardants, Disperse Dyes, Phthalates, Apeos, Pahs And Pfcs.

     It Complements Your Existing Chemical Management Programs Like Restricted Substances Lists (Rsls), Compliance Programs For Local, National And Global Regulations Such As REACH And California’s Proposition 65. This Restricted Substances Evaluation System Helps To Fulfil Consumer And Legislative Demands For Green Products And Enables You To Avoid The Time And Expenses Incurred As A Result Of Test Failures.